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Consulting Services

Virsten TeleCorp takes pride in offering a wide variety of services for both existing and start-up service center operations. Our services range from initial planning to fine-tuning well-established operations. We can also assist you in training your staff. A sample list of services we have provided to our existing customers are:

  •  Design, development and implementation of process diagrams and procedures for  telephone and  electronic (WEB and Email) support
  •  Defining and implementing performance measurements for call centers
  •  Integration of service center/help desk tools and processes
  •  Development of Service Level Agreements
  •  Assistance with selection of Outsourcing
  •  Productivity improvement
  •  ACD set-up and menu design
  •  Selection of support tools (ACD, CRM systems, knowledge bases)
  •  Support web site design
  •  Technical Publications development (User Guides, System Admin. Guides, etc.)
  •  Project management
  •  Employee training in communication and how to handle customers
  •  End User training course development and delivery (Software/hardware products)
  •  Tool training – Call Management Systems, ACD's, Web tools, etc.

We include a roadmap for your company that will guide you as you go through the steps of improving your operation and achieving Customer Service Distinction.

Design and Start-up Services

When building a Customer Service Center, your goal is to do it right the first time. Having the advantage of providing excellent customer service from day one sets you apart from your competition in that you do not have to spend all your time “fire-fighting”.

Virsten TeleCorp can help you develop a comprehensive Support Plan, as well as workflow processes and procedures that will take you from the start-up phase to a well-established “leading edge” service organization. We can also assist you with execution of your support plan and in training your staff in how to communicate with your clients.

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Audits and Assessments

Virsten TeleCorp provides detailed audits of Help Desks, Support Centers and Customer Call Centers. We include a roadmap for your company that will guide you as you go through the steps of improving your operation and achieving Customer Service Distinction.

Customers use our recommendations to improve efficiency and increase employee and customer satisfaction, and to prepare for service center certification.

Assistance with build out and improvement of existing service operations

Once you have established your Customer Service Center your management team often face the challenges of supporting multiple products, handling skyrocketing workload, dealing with unhappy customers and in general trying to keep their heads above water.

Virsten TeleCorp Consultants have 20 to 30 years of experience managing Help Desks, Support Centers and Call Centers, as well as a background in technical roles and in-field experience. We know how to take an existing operation, determine what needs to be done and then guide your management team in improving efficiency, reducing costs and improving both employee and customer satisfaction.

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Customized Consulting and Training Programs

Virsten TeleCorp selects only those consulting deliverables that will give you the most “bang for the buck” both short term and longer term. We learn about your operation and specific needs first, and then provide only those services that will give you the most payback.

We always customize the delivery of training at no additional cost using your terminology and we refer to your specific processes and procedures whenever possible. We also develop and deliver customized courseware for training both employees and customers in software and hardware products.

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