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About Us

Virsten TeleCorp Consultants and Trainers have 20 to 30 years of hands-on experience working as Customer Service Representatives, Technical Support Specialists and as Directors, or Vice Presidents of service organizations.

Virsten TeleCorp provides training and consulting services to a wide range of customers and industries spanning the North America and worldwide.

Rod Dahl, Founder of Virsten TeleCorp, is a veteran in the customer service business. He started the company after spending over 30 years in the corporate world learning how to satisfy customers. Rod began his career with IBM as a Customer Service Engineer and has managed both domestic and international customer service functions for start-ups and established companies. He has won awards for providing the best customer service in the industry.

Company Mission and Values

Virsten TeleCorp provides consulting and training interventions within the customer service industry. Our business is based on integrity, and trust. We treat every customer with respect and deliver high quality, “tailored” services in a manner that provides the maximum payback to our customers.

Business Objectives

Our objective is to provide incredible value, and build long-term relationships with our customers. We help our customers achieve customer service success through:

  •  An instilled business sense within their employees
  •  Knowledge of how to build and maintain customer relationships
  •  Improved workflow processes and procedures
  •  Better communication both internally and externally
  •  More effective use of existing tools and data

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